Viet + Yoshi - Proposal

Wow. What a special evening yesterday was. Two amazing friends of mine got engaged, and I was lucky enough to be part of it. I met Viet 10 years ago in college at VCU, thanks to our love for dance. I met Yoshi not long after, also because of dance. We were all part of Blank Canvas, a dance crew at VCU (co-founded by Viet himself), and the dance community known as KODACHROME (co-founded by myself). Even though dance brought them together, Viet + Yoshi's story didn't begin until years after, right here in Washington, DC.

Viet, with the help of his best friend Steve, created an intricate scavenger hunt for Yoshi which ultimately lead her to him proposing. He set up an entire day filled with love letters, surprises, special time with each of her family members -- all in locations that had great significance to their relationship (all in Washington, DC). The end location was the front of their first apartment which is where their love blossomed and grew. Even after a full day of surprises and being proposed to, Viet had one more trick up his sleeve. He told Yoshi they had a reservation for just the 2 of them at the restaurant where they had their first date -- which was walking distance from the proposal site (a neighborhood favorite of theirs). Come to find out, all of their immediate family and best friends were waiting there with a celebratory engagement dinner. To praise Viet even more, he got her out-of-town-friends to come (even flew one of them in) and provided an AirBnB for them to stay. 

What a beautiful engagement story for a couple who truly exemplifies true love. They deserve each other and the lifetime of happiness they will provide each other.